Since 1997, NuBody has been assisting clients in developing and producing their private label of cosmetics products. We specialise in the alliance of manufacturing Personal care products such as Facial Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Personal Hygiene products and Household Cleaning products.


We are in partnership with and we liaise with Manufacturers in the following category –
* Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), where we to make products based on client specifications.
* Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), where we are commissioned by our clients to design, engineer and manufacturer their brand.
* Original brand manufacturer (OBM), where we sell our established brands to clients.


We specialise in creating “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” (FMCG) and “Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We offer advice and provide assistance on marketing forecasts, directions and training service team. We take great pride in our company’s reputation, so to ensure the quality of our products is maintained at superior levels.


Our head office is conveniently located in Hong Kong and our manufacturing partners are located in Hong Kong and in the People’s Republic of China. This has enabled us the advantage of staying informed with the latest innovation and regulations, whilst maximizing profit for our clients by maintaining a competitive pricing.


Our clients include international chain supermarkets, department stores, cosmetics outlets, pharmacies, hotels, e-commence platforms, hair and beauty salons.